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Courses for our online Quran classes.

1- Basic Tajweed/ Noraani Qaidah.

This course is one of the famous course which is taught for beginners and kids most of the time. Qaida comprises of Alphabets and compounds letters. Then gradually make the learner read with words and small verses. Once this course is completed then the students become able to read self-sufficiently. In-Shaa-Allah.

2- Quran Reading with Tajweed online.

This course is offered after the Qaiddah or if some one has already done Qaidah and read without Tajweed. We do an evaluation of the recitation of student and then start with the rules of Tajweed and Tarteel. Rules of Tajweed are taught with applied manners. The teacher recites a verse and make you read the same with Tajweed and then brief you about the rules applied in that particular verse. This is how this course is done with student learning pace.

3- Memorize the Holy Quran.

The course of memorization is offered for the interested student for it and already knows how to recite with Tajweed and completed the basic Quran reading courses. This is a constant struggle to memorize the Holy Quran. Student have to spare time for 3 hours a day 5 days per week. 30 minutes to 1 hours will be with the teacher and rest of the time is spend by the student to memorize by own. It may take 3 to 5 years depending on student’s memory level.

In this course there are 3 element to work on. 1- New memorization, is new portion for memorization that may be 7 to 9 lines or a small Surah a day. Teacher will make sure that before memorization of those lines or Surah it is mistake less from every mistakes of reading and Tajweed. 2- Revision of newly memorized portion, this is the the revision of recently memorized few pages as guided by the teacher. This portion will be revised by the student and then recited to the teacher by heart every day in the class. 3- Old Review, it the portion that is other then newly memorized portion. It is also recited to the teacher every day and it is also divided in chunks.

Let us know if you are interested for any of the courses and we will give you a trial session for it at your desired time.