Seek Career in online Quran teaching Academy

Career at LearnQuran.Online is a wonderful opportunity for the teachers from Arab countries who are interested to enjoy teaching the Holy Quran being at home. This is especially for female teachers and the Ijazah holder teachers who are ready to do the job as part time as well.

The following is the criteria for joining as Online Quran teachers with us:

1- A Quran teacher must have memorized the whole Quran.

2- Must be profound in the knowledge of Tajweed.

3- Must have a good character in their country.

4- Very good in English communication.

5- Passed the interview conducted at LearnQuran.Online.

6- Must be agreed the contract before joining as regular teacher.

We will guide you and train you to be able to teach online. The working hours and remuneration/pay can be discussed over the call or email. We believe in win win situation for all the success for the teachers and students as well.

Contact Us for more details.