Schedule and Fees

Schedules and Fees

Our fee plans are time based, which means we charge for the time you take with a teacher. Whatever the course may be, your per hour rate will be the same. Fee is charged as USD $8/hour. We have the following plans for schedules and fees per week. We charge monthly basis at the start of every month and in-advance.


Days/week Classes/Month Each Class Duration Fee USD
3 Day/Week 12 Per Month 30 Minutes $48
4 Day/Week 16 Per Month 30 Minutes $64
5 Day/Week 20 Per Month 30 Minutes $75*
Hifz Classes 20 Per Month 60 Minutes $160

Eid Holidays and Public Holiday are paid leaves and they are considered as paid hours. There is no make up class that occurs on these days. The days are considered as where the teacher is from.

If you miss any days and pre informed us, then we can adjust your fees for the next month. If you remained absent without information then you will not have the right for the make up class.

We hope and wish you best classes online with us.

* Flat 5$ discount on 5 days plan.